Heritage Runs Deep

In the spring of 1994, we took our first trip to Romania to volunteer for two weeks with a Christian non-profit organization, Romanian Evangelistic Medical Mission (REMM), directed by Dr. Peter and Ana Lucaciu. Little did we know that trip would change our lives forever. There, we were impacted in powerful ways as we experienced a country recently rocked by a revolution and deeply hurting after 40 years of communist dictatorship. REMM was founded to help bring healing, both physically and spiritually, and to serve needs, including those of abandoned children and the Roma (gypsy) population. Romania has the largest population of gypsies in all of Europe, numbering over 2 million, most living below the poverty level in makeshift communities on the outskirts of Romanian towns and villages.

​​Upon our return from that first trip, we knew Romania was sealed in our hearts. Still today, our passion for the Romanian people continues as we've made return trips to volunteer with REMM each year since. In 2001, God gave us the opportunity to adopt our daughter, Simona, from Romania. Simona is of Roma decent, and her story is a true testament to God's love and grace. We celebrate Simona's Roma heritage and are so proud of her.

From a very early age, Simona had a love for horses and she began riding lessons when she was about seven. Then it happened. At a fall festival in Tulsa, we saw these beautiful and gentle feathered horses! Simona seemed drawn to them in a special way.  We met their owner, Marsha Gulick of Chinkapin Ranch.  Marsha told us these were Gypsy Horses and shared with us about their amazing history.  It was then that we understood why Simona felt such a connection to these horses!

As you can imagine, it didn't take long for our family to develop a passion for Gypsy horses. The more we learned about this amazing breed, coupled with Simona's special heritage and our work in Romania, it was a perfect fit.  Gypsy horses really were "in our blood!"

We are thankful that you've taken the time to read about our story.  We have learned so much about the Roma people over the last 20 years of traveling to Romania.  They are a passionate and resilient people who have much to teach us.  If you are interested in more information on our work with the Roma or how you can volunteer or provide financial support to REMM, please contact us.

The story of Green Country Gypsy Horses