​From the time our foals are born, we use natural horsemanship methods to desensitize, develop respect, and instill trust.  When ready, they will receive basic ground training to learn simple but important skills such as leading under halter, yielding to pressure, standing still for trimming or hoof work, and round pen skills. When they are older and ready, we will begin them under saddle to continue developing their skills.  Gypsy horses are some of the most intelligent, capable and willing of any horse breed.  We love to see how quickly they learn.  Developing a relationship with a Gypsy horse is one of the most rewarding investments a horse lover can make!

At GCGH we spend time with our horses daily.  Whether it's training for a show, riding for fun, doing basic groundwork, grooming manes and tails, or just hanging out with our feathered friends in the pasture, we love just being with our horses. When it comes to training and showing, we prepare our Gypsy horses for various performance events including Western, English, Trail, Dressage, and others. 

Life around the ranch at GCGH is never dull!  We consider our ranch an absolute blessing and love the opportunity to share it with others.  If you're ever in the area please feel free to contact us and stop by.  We have hosted youth groups, school classes, community organizations, and others interested in learning more about the Gypsy horse. Give us a call!

Training, Showing, and Life Around the Ranch

Heritage Runs Deep

Each year GCGH competes in several Gypsy horse shows to test our skills and show the amazing beauty of the Gypsy horse!  Though hard work, these shows are some of the best experiences we have each year with our horses.   We compete in Western, English, Trail, Dressage, and other events with our horses.  Contact us if you're interested in knowing when we plan to show next.